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Buqi for horses is a healing complementary and alternative therapy

healing horses

healing horses, complementary and alternative therapy

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Buqi therapy is currently being used for all types of horses; working horses, pleasure horses, aged horses, recovering horses, rescue and rehabilitation horses, school horses, horses in re-education and, most importantly, for much loved horses.

In Movement

Buqi is being used specifically as a movement therapy to enhance expression and movement, to generate freedom and fluidity and to generate a change in movement patterns or the 'way of going'. Buqi can be especially effective for horses that have become chronically stiff and contracted due to a variety of reasons.

In Being

Buqi has consistently proved to be effective in aiding horses to release physical, emotional and mental tension. Buqi has a role in the rehabilitation of rescue cases and for those horses who are generally tense in their demeanour. Horses who have regular Buqi gain a tangible increase in 'presence', become less phased by their changing environment and become increasingly emotionally 'centred'.

In Health

Buqi is being used for horses who are recovering from injury and may aid in the healing process both directly and by its affect on the 'whole' horse. Buqi may help alleviate the discomfort of chronic health issues.*

Buqi is an energy healing system which works 'with' the subtle energy forces. Buqi is a non-touch, vibrational healing therapy which allows a sensitive connection with energetic disturbances in the system in order to generate change. Its subtleness and forum for extreme sensitivity is what makes this system profound and effective. 

For the horse owner, the Buqi session can be an opportunity to observe your horse replenishing in peace and stillness. It can be a space where you may connect with your horse in a new way. You may see the holding and movement patterns of your horse in a new light. You will invariably watch tensions fall away. The whole process may be an education in its own right.

Change is a 'process'. Buqi acts as an intervention that supports the horse through change in a way that no other therapy has the possibility of doing. The process of change is led by the horse's system which means that the system 'releases' at its own speed and within its own safety mechanisms. Buqi generates the impetus for change and then the system itself makes the actual change in the release of tension; physical or emotional.

For the horse in movement...

Buqi can support and help develop:

  • strength - the horse will become increasingly 'grounded' and 'stable', thereby having more access to the 'earth force' which thereby will generate more 'push' from the ground providing more aligned 'power' going through the structural/movement system.
  • alignment - the release of 'held-tension' will allow the horse to become increasingly aligned through the spine and the limbs. This reduction of 'parasitic tension' helps efficiency of limb flight and the transference of forces through the loaded limb.
  • joint flexibility - the ligaments become more flexible and muscle fibres are released bringing about a greater movement range and flexibility of the whole horse. To the horse the joints feel more elastic and supportive.
  • integrity of the whole body - the horse literally 'joins up', areas of the body that have 'opted out' of the movement process are re-engaged and previously overused areas are recovered. The horse becomes more comfortable 'as a whole'.

For the horse in being...

Regular sessions markedly encourage the ongoing release of tensions from an ever deeper level. Horses that have had regular sessions have shown to gain:

  • presence - the horse becomes more 'connected with self' or more self-assured. The horse literally exudes more 'life force' or vitality which even onlookers or laymen see. They seem to gain a greater 'aura' around them. This essence or grandeur is something to be nurtured and developed for brilliance and expression.

With insightful use:

  • it is a way of listening to horses - the Buqi session can be a valuable feedback tool. The session may reveal areas in the body that are struggling, that are releasing, that need strengthening, etc. The feedback from the horse's demeanor, responses and reactions can provide a variety of clues about what is going on for the horse within the stage of development he is in. 

For the horse in health...

Buqi is being used therapeutically for horses:

  • to alleviate the symptoms of chronic health conditions - recurring colic (dependant on cause), arthritis, degenerating joints, etc
  • to assist in the healing of horses recovering from injury, operation or manipulation
  • to recover from extreme physical or emotional stress - i.e. rescue horses, long distance travel, etc
  • as a preventative from the onset of 'dis-ease'.
  • for the older horse

About Buqi For Horses

Buqi is a whole body approach that has been shown to develop freedom in movement, change movement patterns, generate vitality, strength and balance and brings the horse increasingly into his/her own presence with a corollary of enhancing expression, confidence and engagement.

The work of Buqi for horses has been developed by Jo Osborne, a horsewoman in her own right, from the original Buqi system. The founder, Dr Shen Honqxun, a teaching Lama and T'ai Chi Grandmaster, has been teaching this system to thousands of students across Europe during the last twenty years and there is now numerous Buqi practitioners working for the benefit of many people's health and well-being.

Jo Osborne is at the forefront of developing Buqi for horses. She has come to this work as both a professional equestrienne (a BHS Int T/Int SM Registered riding teacher, Further & Higher Education Lecturer and Equine Massage Therapist ESMA) and as a Buqi Practitioner and Therapist (with 12 years experience of working with the Buqi system and all its related activities). Her practical understanding and empirical evidence is as a direct result of her ongoing research and therapy work with hundreds of horses using this modality.  Jo is based in Surrey, UK.

The background work for Buqi Practitioners involves, under the direction of Dr Shen, not only the study of the Buqi Healing System but also a continuous ongoing development of internal ‘chi’ forces. This involves the use of spontaneous movement exercises and the practises for the cultivation of vibrational energy forces as developed through Buqi Daoyin exercise, Meditation, Taijiwuxigong (Qi Gong) and Taiji forces (T’ai Chi).

* Buqi for Horses is not intended to be used in place of veterinary care. Only a qualified veterinarian can legally diagnose, treat or prescribe for an equine.